Review: Shirock – Everything Burns

Label: self-released

Released: February 3, 2009

Everything Burns kicks off as a fairly typical post-emo mainstream rock album. There are bits of alt rock and emo tidied up in a nice, easily digestible package and yet…there’s something else, something deeper going on with this record. Underneath what seems at first to be a solid, but uneventful set of songs, there’s an exuberance that is a true rarity. This band has a message and in their earnestness, they will save the world (or do their best at least). Once the message hits, the songs seem larger, truer, better. And by half way through, something else becomes apparent: They love U2. Their best songs filter mid-80s U2 through the subsequent alt rock and emo explosions and come up with something unique, yet familiar. Like their mentors, they have, at least on their best tracks, marry memorable, moving rock n roll with a message of hope. In case this message might be lost on some, the spoken word part of title track’s intro spells it out. They are going to “love people.” It’s that love that permeates the album and changes it from a solid release to a magnificent experience.

Check out their site for tour details. This band isn’t just singing about living life the right way; they’re actually doing it. They’ve partnered with local charities at each stop and all proceeds help the communities in which they’re playing. Mark one for the good guys!

Satriani: 7/10
Zappa: 6/10
Dylan: 8/10
Aretha: 9/10
Overall: 9/10



If you’re curious about my rating categories, read the description.

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