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Review: Love – Forever Changes (2008 Collector’s Edition)

Label: Rhino Released: April 22, 2008 Love is a second rate band, but at perhaps the creative peak of rock music. They existed at a time when the old marriage of R&B and C&W that was rock n roll was experimenting with a lot of new partners. Love was a part of that. At times, the result was brilliant, making… Read more »

Review: Hellcity 13 – s/t

Label: Break a Leg Entertainment Released: October 24, 2007 Going into this review, I was under the impression that Helsinki’s Hellcity 13 was just another Scandanavian glam band, but unlike the rest, they don’t just want to revive hair metal, they want to revive the 80s almost as a whole. There is hard rock bombast that runs throughout the album,… Read more »

Review: D’Edwin – No Prognosis

Label: Action Rezults Records (Available from CD Baby) Released: 2007 To some extent, D’Edwin can get away with his unabashed mimicking of Morrissey, because he hasn’t graduated into the big leagues yet, but there has to be some substance to his music beyond a good Morrissey impression. On No Prognosis, that substance is erratic at best. The opening track, “Secret… Read more »

Review: Various Artists – Love is the Song We Sing

Label: Rhino Released: September 18, 2007 There are a few points in rock n roll time and space where everything just comes together and something new is born. Memphis in the mid-50s gave us rock n roll. New York in the mid-70s gave us punk. Seattle in the early 90s gave us grunge. All of these local scenes were the… Read more »

Review: Mars Hill – Fate Chance Luck Dance

Label: Sandbar Music Released: May 2006 According to Mars Hill’s Myspace page, they are “one of the most original and finest bands of the 21st century” and they are “genre-defying.” The former is beyond a stretch. No offense, but they aren’t even close. The latter, however, is pretty accurate. The list of genres touched significantly by Mars Hill is longer… Read more »

Review: Dan Wilson – Free Life

Label: American Recordings Released: October 16, 2007 If you enjoyed Dan Wilson’s band, Semisonic, than you’ll enjoy his solo work as well. You’ll also have to explain to all your friends why you like music that sucks, but that’s beside the point. If you had the good sense to hate Semisonic than you’ll likely hate this also…mostly. Dan Wilson takes… Read more »

DVD: Various Artists – SXSW Live 2007

Label: Shout! Factory Released: August 21, 2007 John Lennon once said, “If there wasn’t a fight, it wasn’t a good gig.” So, what is it if no one even moves? Lennon was clearly arguing that a sterile show is never good and sterility is exactly the problem with SXSW Live 2007. The DVD is a collection of songs from shows… Read more »